‚ÄčThe training program at Dun Roven Kennels is designed to accomodate each individual dog. I use the philosophy that a trainer cannot train each dog using the same method. A trainer should be flexible enough to use a variety of methods to obtain the best results.

I have really concentrated in the early development of dogs and really enjoy young dogs. The young dogs are the ones that need the most attention and patience. This is the reason I will only train a limited number of dogs at a time.

Dun Roven Kennels is located in the center of some of the best grouse habitat in the lower pennisula of Michigan so your dog will be exposed to a great number of grouse and woodcock. Also we are a family run facility so the care and socilization of your dog is constant.

Although we concentrate on grouse and woodcock I also venture west to South Dakota during the summer where I train on thousands of acres of private farm land full of pheasants. The South Dakota trip will expose your dog to such a high number of birds your dog can really develop fast.

Training fees:

$350.00 per month*

$600.00 South Dakota training*

* Any vet expenses will be the responsibility of the owner.

Training Photos