Dun Roven Kennels was founded in 1978 by the late Chuck Pagano. Chuck was a professional trainer and an avid breeder of pheasant dogs. Through the late 80's Chuck bred and trained GermanShorthaired Pointers, Labrador Retrievers and English setters.​

I met Chuck in 1986 and worked as a kennel hand, caring for dogs, helping with training and breeding. When Chuck took ill with his cancer I would handle his dogs in trials when his health would not allow him too.​

In 1995 I relocated to Northern Michigan and we started to develop in conjunction together a grouse bred specific dog. Chuck died in 2001 and was not able to see the great progress we have obtained with these dogs.


Now as a family operation My wife Jennifer and my children, Jessica, Randi, and Ricky pursue to breed and train a grouse specific type gun / walking field trial family companion.

Dun Roven Kennels

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